Holoville.HOTween  1.2.010
Package Holoville.HOTween.Core


package  Easing


class  ABSTweenComponent
 Base class for all HOTween members (Tweener and Sequence). More...
class  ABSTweenComponentParms
 Base class for all HOTParms. More...
class  EaseInfo
 Enumeration of ease types. More...
class  OverwriteManager
 Manager used for automatic control of eventual overwriting of tweens. It is disabled by default, you need to call HOTween.EnableOverwriteManager to enable it.
class  Path
 Used to manage movement on a Cardinal spline (of Catmull-Rom type). Contains code from Andeeee's CRSpline (http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/32954-Waypoints-and-constant-variable-speed-problems).
class  TweenDelegate
 Enum of delegates used by HOTween. More...
class  TweenException
 HOTweenException class. A new HOTweenException is thrown each time HOTween encounters an error. More...
class  TweenInfo
 Used by HOTween.GetTweenInfos and HOTweenInspector, to store info about tweens that can be displayed. More...
class  TweenWarning
 Used internally to generate warnings that are managed without throwing exceptions.
class  Utils
 Various utils used by HOTween.
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