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Ohno! This column is so empty! What will I do now?

Maybe writing some non-sentences will help...


See the camel?


Megarobots are cool, but the conversation is quite boring

Sanity is overrated

Jelena is an awesome comic artist


History teaches us what went wrong, so that next time we can go wrong more quickly

x + 3 = Mister X

y + 4 = Madame Y

z + 5 = zzzzzz

Don't tell me you're reading this! Seriously?

No, that's not what I said. That's what YOU said


We are going doooown

And dooooowner!

Oh, look, more non-sentences below!

X: "Hey, have you seen my socks?"
Y: "What am I? Your sockretary?"

This will never end

I'm getting hungry. As soon as I finish writing these things I'm eating something big


What happened to Frank Miller?

I have a cat whose name is Blues, but she's not very bluesish

I wonder...

Is that a wall? A typewriter? A pumpkin? Oh no: it's Humbert! Hey, Humbert, you look good today!




I have 23 more of those, but I'll keep them for later...

Catapraxis! Oops, I'm repeating myself

Now this is the punishment for doing such long pages

Is this it?



Told you I was keeping some for later

Ulysses Rejoyce

Yes, I'm inventing all this stuff in a single session: that's what too much coding will bring you

Chester Brown: I just love his stuff

Did I mention that I was hungry?


See ya

No really, I'm stopping now



Daniele Giardini
Daniele Giardini
HOTween and HOTween Editor creator/developer. Also made this website here.
Code and performance optimizations, advice, study of additional improvements (not to mention lectures on coding style).
Robert Penner
Creator of the original ActionScript easing equations (that I ported to C#).
James Nies
Developer of the FastDynamicMemberAccessor classes, which HOTween uses to access objects properties faster than with simple Reflection.
andeeee ( admin)
Developer of the CRSpline class, which HOTween partially uses to calculate movement along Catmull-Rom paths.


Romain Giraud
Contributor for the PlugRect plugin.
Dmitriy Yukhanov
Low level optimizations.