Get HOTween

Here it is (.zip)

For release notes, changelog, and HOTween's Visual Editor, head to Download.

Best Practices

  • Try to always kill your tweens before their target is destroyed, or before you load a new scene.

How to squeeze maximum performance from HOTween.

  • Before creating your first tween, use HOTween.Init to initialize HOTween immediately and to set HOTween's instance to permanent.
  • Use IntId instead of Id to store tweens Ids.
  • Don't recreate an identical Tweener/Sequence twice. Store it instead, set its autoKill behaviour to false, and just Restart it when you need it.
  • Whenever you call one of HOTween's static control methods, consider instead storing the Tweener/Sequence and directly call its control methods: it's much quicker.
  • If you have tons of tweens running at the same time (and with tons I mean more than 500, depending on the platform you're on) you might want to disable the OverwriteManager, to get some additional power.